Hybrid Images.
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Siggraph), 25, 3, 527-532.
Oliva, A., Torralba, A., & Schyns, P.G. (2006).
We present Hybrid images, a technique that allows creating static images with two interpretations that change as a function of viewing distance. Hybrid images are based on the multiscale processing of images by the human visual system and are motivated by masking studies in visual perception. These images can be used to create compelling displays in which the image appears to change as the viewing distance changes. We show that by taking into account perceptual grouping mechanisms it is possible to build compelling Hybrid images with stable percepts at each distance. We show examples in which Hybrid images are used to create textures that only become visible when seen up-close, to create facial expressions whose interpretation changes with viewing distance, and to visualize changes over time within a single picture.