Press Releases & News Articles

Nov 21, 2023: MIT News article: Students pitch transformative ideas in generative AI at MIT Ignite competition

Sep 13, 2023: MIT News article: Helping computer vision and language models understand what they see

Aug 30, 2023: Forbes article: What's The Human Brain Doing? Let's See!

Aug 27, 2023: Forbes video: Building Tools To Learn Human Brain Processes

Jul 24, 2023: WIRED article: Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder—but Memorability May Be Universal

May 18, 2023: MIT News article: Three MIT-led projects awarded MURI funding for 2023

Mar 31, 2023: Amazon Science article: Amazon and MIT research symposium focused on cutting-edge technology

Jan 18, 2023: MIT News article: Gaining real-world industry experience through Break Through Tech AI at MIT

Nov 3, 2022: MIT News article: In machine learning, synthetic data can offer real performance improvements

May 4, 2022: MIT News article: Artificial intelligence system learns concepts shared across video, audio, and text

Apr 13, 2022: MIT News article: MIT Schwarzman College of Computing unveils Break Through Tech AI

Mar 29, 2022: MIT News article: New program bolsters innovation in next-generation artificial intelligence hardware

Dec 13, 2021: CSAIL Alliances interview: Student Spotlight: Camilo Fosco

Oct 13, 2021: MIT News article: Thriving Stars: An initiative to improve gender representation in electrical engineering and computer science

Oct 6, 2021: The Tech article: MIT and Amazon launch Science Hub collaboration

Oct 4, 2021: Schwarzman College of Computing article: MIT and Amazon establish the Science Hub

Oct 4, 2021: Amazon Science article: Amazon and MIT establish Science Hub

Oct 26, 2020: Stanford HAI article: What Can AI Learn from Human Intelligence?

Aug 31, 2020: MIT News article: Toward a machine learning model that can reason about everyday actions.

Aug 26, 2020: MIT News article: Face-specific brain area responds to faces even in people born blind.

Aug 7, 2020: MIT News article: Shrinking deep learning's carbon footprint.

Jun 17, 2020: MIT News article: What jumps out in a photo changes the longer we look.

Apr, 2020: Spectrum article: AI Takes Research to the Next Level.

Jan 29, 2020: Association for Psychological Science article: Cognition and Perception: Is There Really a Distinction?

Nov 1, 2019: MIT News article: What makes an image memorable? Ask a computer.

Oct 1, 2018: MIT News article: Ideas abound at Quest for Intelligence workshop.

Sep 13, 2018: MIT News article: Helping computers fill in the gaps between video frames.

Jun 11, 2018: MIT News article: MIT announces leadership of its Quest for Intelligence.

Apr 4, 2018: MIT News article: Artificial intelligence in action.

Dec 6, 2017: MIT Technology Review article: The Next Big Step for AI? Understanding Video.

Jun 29, 2017: MIT News article: Peering into neural networks.

Jul 11, 2016: Science article: Daredevil-like ability allows us to size up rooms—even when we can’t see them.

Dec 24, 2015: The Atlantic article: What Makes Unforgettable Images so Memorable?

Dec 16, 2015: MIT News article: Deep-learning algorithm predicts photos' memorability at "near-human" levels.

Nov 5, 2015: MIT News article: How to make better visualizations.

May 8, 2015: MIT News article: Object recognition for free.

Mar 25, 2015: MIT News article: Building community for EECS postdocs.

Sep 8, 2014: McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT article: MEG Matters

Mar 21, 2014: Hybrid Monroe Einstein for the UK Mirror newspaper: madeuthink campaign.

Apr 17, 2014: The Scientist news article: A Face to Remember.

Jan 26, 2014: MIT Press release "Expanding our View of Vision", on the article by Cichy, Pantasis & Oliva, Nature Neuroscience: Resolving human object recognition in space and time.

Jan 13, 2014: The Independent UK article: New software makes your pictures more memorable without changing your face.

Jan 10, 2014: Daily Mail UK on-line article: Forget Photoshop - this software will make your face unforgettable.

Jan, 2014: The Telegraph UK article: "How to make your face unforgettable".

Jan, 2014: Ciencia Spain article: Como hacer que nadie olvide tu cara.

Jan, 2014: SLR Lounge magazine article: Use this info to make yourself more memorable and beautiful.

Dec, 2013: The last 20 seconds of The New York Time Minute.

Dec 30, 2013:The New York Time: Observatory Science article: Playing with how we keep faces straight.

Dec 20, 2013: Hybrid Monroe Einstein featured in the UK BBC TV Show QI: Let's test your beer googles.

Dec 18, 2013: MIT Press release article: Never forget a face about our International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2013) article.

Dec 17, 2013: Gizmodo: This algorithm can make pictures of your face more memorable.

Dec 11, 2013: New Scientist (One per cent): You will remember "me".

Dec, 2013: UK Wired magazine article: "MIT researchers develop an algorithm to make your face more memorable".

Nov 12, 2013: Fast Company’s design blog: The secrets of a memorable infographic.

Nov 11, 2013: The Boston Globe: If you want people to remember your chart, include a dinosaur.

Oct 16, 2013: Harvard News: What makes a data visualization memorable?article

May 7, 2013: SPIE Newsroom: What makes a picture memorable?article SPIE website

Aug, 2012: The National Science Foundation CISE and CRCNS program announces "the French-US collaboration in Computational Neuroscience" grant program based on the binational workshop on Opportunities for US-French collaboration organized by Aude Oliva & Alain Destexhe in December 2011.

Jun, 2012: Magic Magazine features how to use hybrid in a magic show in the article: "Seen Yet Unseen".

Jun 22, 2012: The Scientist, News article "Size does matter" on Konkle & Oliva, Neuron, 2012: A real-world size organization of object responses in occipito-temporal cortex.

Jun 20, 2012: MIT Press release article All things big and small: the brain’s discerning taste for size on Konkle & Oliva, Neuron, 2012: A real-world size organization of object responses in occipito-temporal cortex.

May 29, 2012: Scientific American: Why is memory so good and so bad?

May 7, 2012: CNN Health: So, you are a cyborg, now what?

Dec, 2011: MIT Museum of Science sells postcards of two hybrids images of the "Eight Einsteins series."

Nov 8, 2011: MIT News spotlight: "Oliva explores new ground in computational perception at CSAIL."

Nov 1, 2011: Scientific American: Mind: Photos with strange or funny details deemed most memorable.

Oct 11, 2011: MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory spotlight: "Researchers push towards new frontiers in computer vision".

Oct, 2011: Article The Physics of the Mind, wrote by Aude Oliva highlighted in "Rebuilding the Mosaic: SBE 2020: Future Research in the Social, Behavioral & Economic Science. National Science Foundation.

Sep 9, 2011: Scientific American: Mind, features a new Einstein Alter Ego Hybrid Image in the article: The Eyes Have It.

Jun, 2011: Science & Vie Junior (French, page 41) features Albert Potter hybrid.

May 24, 2011: MIT Press release article: "What makes an image memorable?" about our Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - CVPR - 2011 article.

Mar 2011: Spiegel (German magazine) features Dr Angry & Mr Smile hybrid.

Jul, 2010: Scientific American: Mind, features several hybrid images in their special issue "169 Best Illusions" (pages 26 and 28): What's in a face?

2010: Universal Principles of Design, by W. Lidwell, K. Holden & J. Butler, refers to hybrid images as a new principle of design: VisuoSpatial Resonance (page 252-253).

Aug, 2009: Focus (Italy, pages 20-23): Article featuring several hybrids from SIGGRAPH 2006 paper: Vedi Doppio!

Jul, 2009: Science & Vie Junior (French, page 45) feature Marilyn Einstein in their section Les Illusions d'Optiques: La belle ou la bete?

May, 2009: Wired Magazine. (page 19): Double Vision.

Dec 7, 2008: Discover Magazine - Top 100 Science Stories of 2008: You, Too, Have a Photographic Memory.

Dec, 2008: Science Central TV segment: Your Memory is Bigger and Better than Scientists Expected.

Dec, 2008: WBKO: New Research Reveals Powerful Human Memory.

Nov 14, 2008: The New York Times (section Escapes): Hybrids at MIT museum featured in A Science Lover's Kind of Town.

Nov 4, 2008: Scientific American: Why do we forget things?

Sep 10, 2008: NU. Capaciteit menselijk geheugen blijkt onverwacht groot.

Sep 9, 2008: Ars technica: Probing the limits of visual memory.

Sep 9, 2008: Researchers find memory capacity much bigger than previsouly thought.

Sep 9, 2008: Softpedia: Human Memory is Much Better than Expected, Says a Recent Study. MIT researchers proved memory can be pushed further than previously believed.

Sep 8, 2008: MIT News: Total Recall: Human memory capacity much bigger than previously though. Official MIT press release on our article Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2008) article.

Sep 8, 2008: The Washington Post: Brain's Memory Capacity Much Larger than Believed.

Sep 8, 2008: Live Science: Human have astonishing memories, study finds.

Sep, 2008: Medical News Today: Total Recall - MIT Researchers: Human Memory Capacity Much Bigger Than Previously Thought.

Sep 29, 2007: The hybrid series Eight Einsteins goes on exhibition at the MIT Museum in the new Mark Epstein Gallery.

Jul/Aug 2007: Ca m' Interesse (French magazine) features Marilyn Einstein hybrid (page 53) in their section "Tests et Jeux".

Jun 2007: Quo (Spain). "Tan Cerca, Tan Lejos".

Jun 15, 2007: The Canberra Times (Austraila) features Hybrid Images Dr Angry & Mr Smile.

Mar 31, 2007: New Scientist Magazine, (issue 2597), features Hybrid Images in the article Now you see them... A new type of optical illusion is helping us to understand how the brain processes visual scenes. pdf of the article

Jun/Jul 2006: Scientific American: Mind, features Hybrid Images in the article "Cracking the DaVinci Code".

Feb 2006: Ca m' Interesse (French magazine) features M. Colere ou Mme Calme?