Datasets (in construction)

SUN Dataset: A Benchmark for Scene Understanding

The Scene UNderstanding (SUN) database contains a quasi-exhaustive set of the categories of scenes and places a human observer may encounter in the world with a current collection of 130,519 images organized in 899 semantic categories. Many objects are also annotated (via LabelMe) in the SUN dataset.

Massive Visual Memory Stimuli

In recent years, demonstrations of memory's failures have convinced many scientists that human memory does not store the details of our experiences. However, our work on the capacity of visual memory has overturned this widespread belief: given the right setting, the human brain can record an amazing amount of visual information. Named one of the 2008 discoveries by Discovery Magazine, the result poses new challenges to neural and computational models of memory storage and retrieval, which must be able to account for both a large and detailed storage capacity. Download all the pictures used in our three massive memory experiments.